PHA@TT Stories

Stories of people inspired by PHA@TT to change their lifestyle.


Shaz used to be 146.6kg… and now sitting at 71kg and a size 10 she has lost half her body weight… and counting!


I started this program in October 2012 and my life changed with it. I lost 17kg in 40 days – and it has stayed off! I no longer cried, I no longer had nanny naps, my arthritis didn’t hurt any more, my gut became smaller and I could fit into those pretty shirts I often admired from afar. My confidence exploded and my life blossomed. My most famous quote came from the electrician. He said “Terri how did you get from beautiful to sexy in three weeks?” That question was enough to change my world.

Sarah Jay

Hello Healthy Living Family. My name is Sarah Jay and I am a mentor with this program. I did this program at the beginning of last year in a last ditch effort to avoid health complications and because I was chronically obese. I was angry, sad, clinically depressed, suffered from panic attacks and in pain from inflamed joints, PCOS and with hormone fluctuations that would have me in tears and seeking the comfort of my bed every afternoon, I was not in a good way. I would be driving home from school drop offs working out what I had to get done before I could go back to bed. My weight started to pile on after major back surgery 6 years ago. Unable to exercise and with no idea how to loose my weight without exercise, a friend introduced me to this program. WOW is all I can say. in the first 40 days I lost 17kgs. I could not believe it. It took me 3 rotations of step 1 to 3 to loose 33kgs. My weight loss journey ended last year in June and I have maintained this since.

Have I been perfect ??? NO. Do I know how to fix that ? YES. I stay on the maintenance plan now with occasional days off. and everything is in perspective. If you are contemplating trying this program…. DO IT. Don’t hesitate. I now live pain free, which is an amazing thing. I no longer struggle with depression or panic attacks. I can get on and off the tractor and ride my horse. I am now mentoring others on how to do this program and this brought more joy to my life than I could ever think was possible.

Thank you to all those of you who have trusted in my to guide you. My life is truly blessed.


The program has change my life and my husbands. We had been using IVF for over 3 years to conceive, after both of us completing the 40 day program we were very pleased to say we had our first success with IVF and we are expecting our baby in December. The added bonus was my husband was able to lose 16kg and has maintained his goal weight since completing the program. I suffered from sugar addiction, however now I understand the effects of sugar in my diet and the changes I have seen in my skin and body that are a result of the program having curbed my craving for sugar. We now live on the maintenance food program as this is our new normal.


Jen is a firefighter who lost 27 kilos in forty days. The difference for her was that she had never been under 100 kilo in thirty years. Her body ached and was tired. She suddenly had energy, a life, her knees didn’t ache and she was able to shop for things that she had never even thought about before. Had her hair done her ears pierced and even went to a ball. Jen is a hero story.


I started really struggling with my weight after a hysterectomy at 30 due to ongoing reproductive issues, so was never able to have children. I wish I had known about PH@TT program sooner.

The lowest weight I’d been for years was 96 kgs, so at 51 years of age and 108 kgs, I had had enough! I joined this program, and have never felt better. I’m currently at a healthy 77 kgs and achieved this in 4 months. That’s 31 kgs – all those potatoes!!!

I feel years younger, my energy levels are amazing, all my aches and pains are gone! I’ve even been able to finally stop taking HRT. My partner loves my newfound positivity and my stepkids reckon I’m pretty awesome too. I can’t recommend this program highly enough, the benefits besides the weight loss are huge.


No one is more sceptical than me when dieting is concerned, I was talked into this programme and it has changed my life, 16 kgs and counting gone forever , it was much easier than I ever expected and the results are amazing, I feel young clean and alive, prob put many years on my life also, so thank you, Life is a gift La Vita E”un Dono.


After two years of inactivity and then two knee replacements at last i was ready to get up and go again. I found i didnt have the energy and my health was poor. I was introduced to our nutrition and diet program at 113kg through a friend and my life began to change. After just two weeks my health improved and my energy levels were much better. My whole life has changed for the better. I am now able to ride my horse again and have recently returned from Italy where i climbed up mountain tracks and trecked all over the hills. With a weight loss of 27kgs i now have good health. My skin and eyes are clearer and my energy levels are much improved. I can now achieve anything.The weight loss was surprisingly easy and i am enjoying my life again.